Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Back to Reality...

Well, the trip was definitely worth it!! I was able to spend some much needed time with my husband, and with some family. Easter was rough. We went to grandma's church, and I saw the gazebo for the first time in a long time. I was holding back tears. I could just picture Kierra dancing with daddy there, her with Darnell, but I just went to the car, then straight back inside. It was not the time to dwell. Brenda and I were able to catch up on a lot. We keep trying to see each other, but our schedules conflict. It was nice to just chill, and to talk again.
Justin loved his birthday gift. We had a very nice time at the hotel, and he was thoroughly surprised! We also had a nice visit with his brother in Kentucky, and we got to spend some time with Brittany as well. A few funny stories for you...
1) Brenda and I got mom to pull over on the side of a 4 lane highway to save a butterfly from her windshield wiper before it died
2) Those room service guys are very chatty. Especially when you are laying in bed, naked under the covers. I understand they are used to that, but I am not!!
3) Never get used to people saying your name wrong. In Indiana, we were playing pool with Brit, when two officers walked in, full uniform, with gloves on and all. They said they were looking for a Brianna Garrison. Yeah, all Brit and I heard was the first name, we both freaked a little! They left, we breathed a huge sigh of relief.
We did some stuff on our own as well. We rode through Amishville, and got some awesome pictures of the land and such. It is illegal in the state of Indiana to take pictures of the Amish themselves. We also stopped at Cumberland Fals in the Daniel Boone Natinal Forest in Kentucky. Over all it was a very nice trip, it just seemed so short! It was a pain to get back to work o n monday!

Friday, April 14, 2006

it Will All Be Worth It, Right?

Oh my goodness! I am soooo tired! We leave for Tennessee today, so Justin and I both are at work early. I was here at 5:30am, he got to work around 6am. However, he at least got a few hours sleep last night. Me? I stayed up literally all night getting stuff ready. The good news is I found out where the laundry room floor went, and rediscovered my keen clothes folding skills! Justin is fully packed, and he found another suitcase for me this morning. All I need to do when I get home is put my stuff in it, and we should be ready to go. I am so excited about this trip! Justin never reads my blog, so I can spill my secret for his birthday. He has always wanted to go to a really nice hotel, have a nice dinner, and all that jazz. Of course, nice is like 3 diamonds. So, loving wife that I am, I started saving. For his birthday we are going to the Peabody Hotel in Memphis, TN. They have a really nice package that has champagne, flowers, dinner, and breakfast all included with the room. He has no clue! All I said to him is that it is 6 hours from Dandridge, where we are headed tonight, and six hours from Kentucky, where we will be going to see his oldest brother. I also said there are ducks, which the Peabody in Memphis is famous for. His only other clue is that it is the home of Sun Studio, which is where Elvis, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee and all of them got their starts. He was still lost. He was not allowed to google, ask anyone, or try to look up this stuff at all. He is so curious!!
So, here I sit, at a desk at work, until 2pm, trying not to fall asleep, trying to keep busy, keep my mind working, and still remembering stuff I will need to do. I can do this! Hopefully, it will all be worth it....

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

New Computers!

Woo-hoo! We finally got new computers at work! I know this sounds corny, but I am actually excited about them! My whole position at work revolves around my computer. Our old ones were always losing the network connection, and had trouble holding a good battery charge. The new ones are taller, better set up physically, and technologically. they are so cool! I know it is weird to be writing this, but I was just so happy about them, I had to share!
Only 2 more days until vacation! Looking forward to seeing everbody and relaxing! Much love to everyone!

Monday, April 10, 2006


Ah! Sweet freedom! I get one whole week of it! No work, no worries, no things I absolutely have to do! We are going on vacation! For 9 whole days! We leave this Friday, the 14th, and will not be back until the 23rd. We will be going to Tennessee, Kentucky, and Indiana. My grandparents are in Tennessee, my husband's oldest brother and family are in Kentucky, and my Buddha-Boo is in Indiana! Buddha-Boo is my nickname for my pregnant cousin Brittany. Her nickname has always been Boo, Halloween baby, and she has a little Buddha belly. There you go! Buddha-Boo! We cannot wait to see everybody!
The dance exhibition went really well. A few snags, but nothing too horribly bad. Someone actually said I looked really graceful! That word has like, never been used to describe me! Well, not without a note of sarcasm! I had so much fun! The teacher said we all did really good. Manda and I were very proud of ourselves.
Other than that, things have been pretty good. Still working too hard, but that will probably never stop. It is part of who I am! So, until I find time again, tata for now!