Tuesday, July 24, 2007

To live is so startling it leaves little time for anything else.

--quote by Emily Dickinson

My, how life comes along and changes everything. Work has been hectic, to say the least. I have been so busy, so stressed, I feel like I lose touch with everyone around me, including myself sometimes. That said, it was nice to escape for myself for a little while. We had a family reunion for Justin's mom's side of the family a week and a half ago. It was cool to see everyone again, and I did end up making the most of the afternoon. However.....I have noticed more and more lately, that I have been catching the blahs. I feel like I am not myself, and could not even tell you why I feel this way. I get sort of lead footed, not in the driving sense either. Just kind of lethargic. I feel like breaking down in tears, and do not want to be around people, not even Justin. I laid down for a little bit, trying to feel better, but still felt weird. After I got up, there was food, of course. Then the guys decided to swing off a rope into the pond, red from the Georgia clay it was formed from. I was talked into joining. The first few tries were a flop, but I finally got air on the third try. The highlight of the day??? The guys taking the front loader and raising the bucket to jump off of, with the aid of the rope. Definitely in Georgia folks!!!
Once the reunion broke off, we headed to the horse ranch to spend some time with mom and dad. That definitely cured my blahs!!! Dad and I usually wound up trailing behind, telling jokes, singing silly songs, and of course quoting our favorite movies!!! I don't think mom and Justin could handle the coolness emanating from us, because they kept riding ahead!!! Justin did say it was the best vacation we have been on so far!!! There was one rough spot, but even that wasn't too bad. Mom let me ride Barney so she could ride a new Percheron, Lola. Yeah, I guess Barney didn't get the memo.... We had to wait because dad needed a new girth for his saddle/horse, so he started to get antsy. Then he started prancing, which means he is getting ticked. He started trying to swipe me into the electric fence the little brat!!! He ended up backing his own butt onto it instead. That was fun!!! He realized it a full two seconds AFTER contact. Then the bucking began!! I lost a rein at one point, but was able to recover pretty quick. Mom ended up getting off Lola and switching for Barney. He finally listened to her...AFTER almost dumping himself in the pond!! Did I mention he hates water??? Dad and I decided to give him a theme song...The Electric Slide!!! You gotta feel it, It's electric! Boogie Woogie Woogie!!
All in all, it was a pretty cool trip. Can hardly wait to do it again!!!!!