Saturday, March 31, 2007

Tag! I'm IT!!!

Gee! Thanks alot, Auntie Cricket!!! I now get to post six weird things about myself!! Can I just say ME in general, and be done with it? I guess not. So, here goes!!

Weird Bri factoid #1: I like a tall glass of milk with my dill pickles as a snack.No, this is not a craving, just a weird habit.

Weird Bri factoid #2: Thanks to my exposure to true life in the ER, I am able to talk about nasty stuff, like dismemberment and vomit, over lunch.

Weird Bri factoid #3: I have almost no gag reflex. My last strep swab did not even bother me!

Weird Bri factoid #4: I sleep every night with the fan on, and one leg if not half my body sticking out of the covers, but the rest bundled under the comforter. I cannot sleep if I am hot, so I freeze myself, bundle up, then stick out a foot to regulate between the two.

Weird Bri factoid #5: I once won a Spanish word bee, the same year I won the school spelling bee. I had to give the meaning of a Spanish word, or give the Spanish version of an American word.

Weird Bri factoid #6: I played an old woman in my high school play my senior. For a month I was Aunt Martha Brewster in Arsenic and Old Lace. Basically, I played an old woman who poisoned lonely old men with wine my sister and I mixed together.

Well, there you have it. Some of you knew some of this, some of you did not. Enjoy!
Oh, by the way, I tag Nancy, Savannah, and Brenda!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

My mind works like lightning, one brilliant flash and it's gone!

Yeah, that is pretty much how I feel lately! i found out in January I have hypothyroidism, thanks mom!!! needless to say, my thoughts are not as coherent as they once were. I find myself easily confused, and forgetting things as quickly as I remember them, if I am lucky enough to even do that! It has made for an interesting couple of months. I even forgot some movie trivia!!! I know! Big shocker there! I was driving with Justin, and he made a comment about how he knows the car turns like it on rails, that does not I have to turn like it does. I remembered the quote, so I said "Okay, Richard........' Yeah, I could not remember the actors last name. I could tell you the movie it was from, other movies he's been in, but not his last name. It took about 10 minutes for me to remember, Richard Gere!!! DUH! Where's my sign??? Those moments have become a little more frequent than I would like. So, that is my excuse for taking so long to write. Every time I thought "Hey, I need to update my blog!", the thought would vanish as quickly as it came. Not cool! So, I will do my best to update, when I can think about for more than oh, 2 seconds!! Everything else is going okay. Down about 20 lbs. thanks to my doc and all my current health issues. Doing okay in my A & P II class, and work is so-so as usual. Justin is doing good, so is Chaser, and Athena is in a new home. Justin finally realized he did not the time to train and play with a new puppy, and it was not fair to her. She is happy, and gets loads of attention and playtime every day! Well, that is about all I can do for now! Happy very belated New Year, Valentines Day, and early St. Patty's Day!