Sunday, December 31, 2006

Starting to unwind......

Now the fun stuff! The whole unwind thing, means I am back at the horse ranch in Georgia! Mom has 2 horses here, so she comes a couple of times a month. This trip, it is mom, me, Savannah, and Brenda! We are having so much fun!!! We had a gigglefest on the drive up. Hello! 3 young women, stuck in a car, for an extended period of time.....Laughter will ensue! We laughed about songs, people we saw, and bodily functions being expressed! Mom was going crazy!! She laughed too though! She almost spit out her starbucks twice! We were singing, telling jokes, making faces, the whole nine yards!!! We stayed in a hotel last night, then drove over to the ranch. It is really rainy up here, but we have still been able to ride. This morning was short, the trails are closed because of all the mud. The afternoon was way cooler! Mom stayed in to spend time with her filly, Tortuga, so just Savannah, Brenda and I went out. We rode the pasture for a while, then headed in when it started raining harder. Brenda and I saw some people in the arena, and found out we could go in there and trot the horses. We're in!! We had so much fun! We trotted around a couple of times, and did not realize how wet we were until we had to get off the horses. Our jeans were heavier, and our hair was soggy. Our jackets were so soaked, we had wet spots on our shirts. We had so much fun!! We called mom to come get us, but started to walk back. We played hitchhikers when we saw her, I even pulled up my jeans to show a little leg! We had to ride in the van with our legs hanging out so we wouldn't get mud on the carpet!!! We dried off, then played pool and a little uno before dinner. Well that is about all the excitement you can handle for now, so I will blog again later. Bye!!!

Monthly Update

I am so glad I have been able to get away for a few days. The past month has been absolutely crazy! Let me see.... My new endocrinologist has informed me I have an insulin resistance issue, reactive hypoglycemia, and early hypothyroidism signs. This means a new horsepill to take daily, oh yeah, and a no carb diet. Yeah, had to start the latter right before Christmas! Not too fun! The holidays however, were. We had a get together at mom's friend Terri's, then drove to Green Cove Springs to look at the 2 miles of lights. Christmas Eve I was sick, but still stayed at mom and dads. I got to be the elf. I wrapped presents for mom, then helped put together the deluxe kitchen for the kids. It was cool having a Christmas sleepover! We got up with the kids and did the whole present unwrapping party. We then went to the in-laws for a little while for a trip to Justin's great aunt's house. The next day I was sick again. This time it was a little more serious. I had not been that sick in years! I had a horrible fever, and woke up with sores in my mouth wednesday morning. Yeah, the doctor says I have hand foot and mouth virus. It is just little sores in the mouth, no meds can help, just use antiseptic mouthwash, no kissing, no sharing food or drink. He also said I probably picked it up in the ER from one of the peds patients. Feeling better, still a few bumps though. So, I am taking a few days to unwind with mom. I need to after a month like that!

Friday, December 22, 2006

My Boisterous Baby Brother!!!

Oh my goodness! It is so hard to believe my little baby brother is 6 years old today! It seems only a short time since I was changing his diapers and taking him to daycare! Now he is a big boy, in kindergarten, and loving his superheroes! You've come a long way since mornings with Bear and Olie! Happy Birthday Little Bro! I love you bunches! Cowabunga Dude!

(blow on pitch pipe) Ahem...
A happy a birthday to a you, a happy a birthday to a you, a happy a birthday dear....dear...what was the name again? (psssstpsssst) Oh! Very nice! A happy a birthday dear Hunter! A happy a birthday toooooooooo yoooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! (courtesy of the stork off Disney's Dumbo)

Happy birthday little man, I hope you make the best of it! Love you dude! You are the big 6 today! Woooo-hoooo!