Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Dance With Me!!!

Woo-hoo! Or, if you happen to be in my ballroom dancing class, Hoo-rah! Today was a blast. We have been working hard for the Spring Fling on April 5th, but we still have fun! The most fun dance to do is the merengue!! We get to shake our butts! Our teacher said it looked like we had a couple pole dancers in there! Namely, Manda, Dani and I! We were the only girls dancing by ourselves! We have a shortage of guys in the class. I considered it an homage to Kierra. She was the queen when it came to shaking that thang! We are so ready to show our moves off!
Mom and I went to a self defense class last night. That was cool! We were shown key pressure points and how to defend ourselves. Then we got to practice on our partners. My partner? Who else? Mom! I got to beat up my mother, and not get into trouble! Of course, she got to hit me back! We took Hunter out for ice cream afterwards, so he thought that was cool, and made me sit beside him! Mom pretended she was offended, so he said he would sit by both of us!!
Needless to say , it has been a good couple of days! Well, catch y'all later! Bye for now!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Glutton for Punishment

Sometimes I honestly think I am too nice. For example, it is 5:39 am in Jaksonville right now, and I have been at work since 5am. Don't ask. I stayed 7am-7:30pm yesterday, and still made it here today. I surprise even myself sometimes! As rough as it can be, I actually enjoy my job, and do not mind helping out when I am needed. Such is the case this morning. It has been another long week, but it seems like it flew right by me. My husband had to go to Ocala Sunday evening for work, and gets back tonight. His replacement this week? None other than my best girlfriend! Manda came over Sunday night, and has stayed every night since. We have had so much fun! Staying up late wayching movies, girltalk, and even good old Ben & Jerry joined us for a viewing of Rent! (good movie!) One night, we couldn't sleep, even though the clock read 1am, so we stayed up til 4am playing all sorts of card games, including go fish!
We also kicked butt and got alot of the spring cleaning done at the house. Justin and I are in the process of buying, so we had an appraisal wednesday. So far so good! I had a date with mom and the kids tuesday. We did the whole dinner and a movie thing. Curious George was sooooo cute! Red Lobster was fun. The kids just wanted to play! once mom and I got them backt o the house, and all 3 in bed, we did our thing. We curled up on the couch and watched In Her Shoes. It was nice just hanging out with mom again. Manda and I got the twins for church wednesday, and it was fun getting them ready. Their favorite song? My PG version of "my Humps" by Blackeyed peas. "My toes, my toes, my chunky baby toes". This alone sends both Alexa and Tristan into a fit of giggles!
Well, all in all it was a really good week! So, onward and upward, forward to the next one. I still have ballrom dancing tonight at school! i love the class, and am actually pretty graceful on the floor! I know! What a shocker! Most people who know me would say I can barely walk over flat gorund, in my barefeet! But yes folks, I can pull off the waltz, and not look like a fish flopping on dry land! And in heels nonetheless!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Where to start....

Oh my gosh! This is very new to me, so please excuse in advance any rambling I may do. Needless to say, obviously, my life is a little crazy. I never get too much time to tell people how I am doing, feeling, or just simply what is going on. My life has changed alot in the past year, some for the good, some for the not so good. I am a newly wed, very much one of those sappy, yucky, PDA relationships. But we also share alot with each other, and I do not mean just the covers! (we are both blanket hogs!) We have a cute little white house, porch swing and all, with the cute dog, and even ahamster. We also have a snake, but not for much longer.
I work in an emergency room, which is crazy in itself, with or without my presence. You see some pretty disturbing stuff. I am also a very family oriented person. The hardest thing this past year, actually four months and 7 days, was losing my sister. I still have alot of trouble with that. I did surprisingly well at the 4 month mark. It was 2 days later that I fell apart. I had been thinking about Kierra, my sister, alot. The crazy colors she would dye her hair, making generic ramen in Tennessee to the tune of Dreamlover by Mariah Carey, all the little things. Well, I had gone to lunch with my best friend Amanda, and i guess my keepsake heart necklace went into my food. I did not notice until I got home, and felt something crusty on my necklace. Over dinner at Applebee's that night, I mentioned it to my husband casually, while dipping a chip into the spinach dip. His comment, which in retrospect was pretty cute, was that she was hungry. Needless to say, with a mouth full of food, I lost it. It is pretty hard to cry with a mouthful of food! So, I excused myself to the ladies room to let it out. It happens like that. I am fine for a while, sometimes a week, sometimes less, then out of nowhere, something small sets me off.
In the past few months, I have also taken alot upon myself. It is my own fault, so no one take this wrong, please! We take my sisters twin 2 year olds, as well as my 5 year old brother with us all day every sunday. I ove it! I get to have quality time with the kids. The last sunday we had them was especially nice. Tristan(the boy twin) would not take a nap, and Alexa(the girl twin) was zonked out. Hunter(my baby brother) was doing his own thing with a movie. I decided to let them play outside. So, Justin(my husband) mowed the lawn, and I cleaned the porch. The boys had a blast. Playing with the soccer ball, running around the house, just doing stuff little boys do. Then the fun really began. Justin was hosing downt he front walk, and the boys would sneak up behind him, only to get sprayed with hose, and run off screaming! I just sat on the swing, and enjoyed the fun. For a little while at least. Justin heard me laughing, and decided to turn on me! By the time the water war was over, all 4 of us were soaked through, and literally dripping wet! It wa sa blast!
Well, I guess that gets me off to a start. A little background, with some good and not so good times. Enjoy! We are just starting to learn about Brianne's Crazy Life!!