Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday the 13th of October

Who would have thunk that this day would actually get to me,and not in the whole superstitious way. Yesterday was actually a pretty good day. Went to work, went home, took care of the dogs, went to a movie (thanks Bren!), went back home. Justin was in bed already with a headache, so I went and watched tv. My Wife & Kids was on, then Life with Jim, both funny shows. Then I happened to catch the news while flipping channels. They were doing an update on the trial. Apparently, the doctor filed a motion that says Kierra's own actions were responsible for her death. Since his car did not touch hers, there is not enough evidence to charge him. That is the motion. I just sat in shock. Then the phone rang, with a worried friend on the other end. I finally broke down. I had to call someone and talk. It helped. But still, how could he even try that? It infuriates me to no end. It just makes her death seem even more senseless! It was not for no reason! It cannot be! That would mean that those children have no mother for no reason, my family is missing a vital link for no reason, and I know his cannot be true. I keep waiting for something good to come of this, and it just never does. It's not fair! I know that sounds childish, but it is 100% true.
I stayed up a few more hours after that, unable to feel tired. When I did lay down, sleep did not come easy. I feel so heavy and fragile today, like I could just breakdown again at any given moment. Has it really been eleven months already? Eleven months without my big sister, of wanting her back, of dreading not living with her for the rest of my life? I guess so. Reality bites back hard sometimes. So, here goes another day. Lets hope it ends on a slightly beter note than it started on.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

New faces (or snouts as it may be)

Big news on the homefront! (No, I am not pregnant!) Justin got a new puppy. No, it was not a mutual decision. He saw the puppies next door at his parents house, and was awestruck. How cute! Look baby! I told him we needed to talk about it, but did he listen? Of course not! He walked in an hour later with the puppy in his arms. Look baby! They gave her to me! The result? A very cute, but very wild red-nose pitbull puppy. She is white with tan markings. (pics to come)We have already had to treat her for fleas, get all her shots, and take some pre-emptive measures to make sure she does not have worms. Woo-hoo! However, she is very cute, and is learning to listen. We are planning on taking her to puppy classes to help train her. Her and Chaser are getting along, he likes her. She will be spayed, no more puppies for me! Ohhhh! You probably want to know what we named her, huh?
We had started calling her Athena. Justin said he wanted a strong name. What could be stronger than a goddess of wisdom? He still wanted a full name for her. Since Athena is a Greek goddess, we started looking into Greek translations for words. Turns out, the Greek word for wisdom is sofia, and goddess is thea. Her full name is Athena goddess of wisdom. In greek it is actually goddess Athena of wisdom, or Thea Athena apo Sofia. In Greek script it looks really cool
θεά Αθηνά της φρόνησης
Like I said, a really long name, but pretty cool and really pretty to say. To m, it sounds a little bit like the name game...Banana fana fo know what I mean! Well, that is about it for now. I have cut back at work, and am trying to focus on my anatomy & physiology class, which is pretty cool. Justin is doing well at his new job, and has applied for a position with one of the doctors. Catch ya later!