Thursday, June 05, 2008

Three Years.....

Wow! I just had my third wedding anniversary. It amazes me how much can happen in 3 years....births, deaths, friendships binding, friendships ending, birthdays, marriages, divorces......and so many other things, I just can't even imagine! Seasons change, days go by, turning into weeks and months. It all flies by so fast, before we can even grasp it. All I can say is this: be grateful for the time you have, no matter how fast it flies. Anything can happen in a moment. Those moments can last a lifetime though. Thank you to everyone who has ever passed into my life, no matter how brief the moment. Everyone makes their mark.....just ask yourself, was it a good or bad moment? Next time you meet someone, smile. It can mean the world, and a moment can make a difference. Know what the longest word in the world is??????
SMILES!!!! Because there is a MILE between each S!!!!! Enjoy your day, and try to catch a few moments.....and a few smiles!!!! They are contagious you know!!!!