Saturday, April 28, 2007

Ta ta Tinkerbell, aka Tink-tink

Ladies and gentleman, I come before you with a heavy heart. I have been in mourning this week. (note the use of black text, not the usual fun colors I bounce between) My beloved hamster, Tinkerbell, as named by Justin, has passed away. She came to us July 13, 2005, and left us April 22, 2007. I will miss the creaking as she ran in her wheel, the soft rumble on the floor as she ran in her ball, and the cute puffiness her cheeks got when she would stuff them with food. Alas poor Tinkerbell, I knew her well!! (sorry Hamlet!!!)
We went to Universal Orlando for a few days, to get away for Justin's 28th birthday. We procured a petsitter to take care of the dog and hamster while we were away. A trusty person, they had done this for us before. Well, Chaser was fine! Got fed every day, got out, got water. Poor Tink! She was forgotten!! She is in the same room as the snake, so the person totally forgot about her for 4 days!!!! It was an accident, honestly and truly!!! I am still unsure if I want another hamster right now though.
Tinkerbell was a pudgy little honeybear hamster, with a cute face. She enjoyed eating, snacking, hoarding food, running in her wheel, nuzzling your neck, and running free (sort of) in the house in her red ball. Justin named her Tinkerbell. She was a fat hamster, so she needed a little name. (Example: fat guy on Roadhouse, named Tinker, big burly guys on movies or tv, usually named Tiny.) Hence, he named her Tinkerbell!! We called her Tink-tink to be cutesy!!
So, there you have it, the Life and Times of Tinkerbell, beloved pet and friend.
Thank you for sharing in my grief!!!!!