Monday, June 26, 2006

Time flies...

It seems to me that time flies, whether you are having fun or not. Our 1 year anniversary came and went, as did Kie's birthday and the 7 month anniversary of her death. I was so proud of myself, I held up considerably well on her birthday. A friend from work invited Justin and I to Adventure Landing to hang out, and I made myself enjoy it. It was really fun. We stayed til it closed, then went to get a bite to eat. It did not hit me til the next evening. Justin and I were driving out to the beach and passed the place of the accident. It hit hard. I did not thoroughly break down, just shed a few silent ears for her. You know, she would have been 25. Natalie Portman has her same exact birthday. I found it sad that she was able to celebrate and enjoy it, but Kierra could not.
On a lighter note, my cousin Brit in Indiana had her baby girl on June 12. Taylor Marie has entered our lives. She is a beautiful baby from the pictures I have seen. Shelia, a close friend of the family, got married on June 17. I was a very nice wedding, and a very fun reception. Her sister Leslie came in from Maine. It was nice to see her again and be able to hang out. Our husbands got along famously. They are the same age and have a lot of common interests.
I have been slowing down at work, forcing myself to keep my days off simply that, my days off. That does not keep me from working weird shifts though. Prime example: Thursday, June 22, went to St. Augustine with the girls, and was going to work 12a-12p for Friday. Simple enough. Take a nap when I get home, work my shift, take another nap. Was it that simple? Of course not! Little Miss Tinkerbell, my hamster, decided to get out of her cage while I was gone, and Justin did not notice. Instead of a nap, we ransacked the house trying to find her before Chaser, the dog, did. Good news: found Tink in the guest room. Bad news: no nap. So, I stayed up from 8am Thursday til 2pm Friday before I was finally able to fall asleep. And what a deep sleep it was! I did not hear either phone ring the three times they did, or hear Justin come home and take my glasses off!
So, to top this off, I was at work at 3:30am this morning, get off at 2p, and am off til 7a Thursday. I am looking forward to this!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Snap back to Reality!

Aargh! It has been a very long week. AGAIN! Phantom Saturday was awesome though. It was so cool to watch the actors on stage, no editing or voice overs, just raw talent. I love that kind of stuff! I miss acting! We took the kids to the beach Sunday, and they had a blast! Tristan learned how to throw sand, and Alexa was screaming at the waves. I went to mom's on Memorial Day and helped make food and clean house. I had to leave before I could thoroughly enjoy the spread. I had to work the 3-11 shift for the holiday. Of course, I have been working too much, again. Nothing new there. However, it is really starting to wear me out. I find myself more stressed when I get home, and having more trouble sleeping lately.
Sunday, June 4th, is exactly one year that Justin and I have been married. It seems like it has flown by. So much has happened to us this past year. Some good, some devastating. It is hard to rejoice, knowing that Kie would have turned 25 next Friday, June 9th. I remember calling her last year on our honeymoon, and leaving her a voicemail singing her Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday Kie! Sorry you could not be here to celebrate with us. It will always be your birthday here. We love you!