Friday, May 15, 2009

New Places, New Faces.......

The doctors have given me a clean bill of health since the accident in February. I am back to my old self, goofing off as usual! They simply said I know my body, and if I start feeling bad to back off and calm down. I have even gotten back on a horse again! Not the same one, as a friend of mine was riding him, but another horse named Barney. He has actively tried to throw me before, right after he backed his stupid self into an electric fence! At least I know falling off Lenny was a true accident, no harm intended.

Justin and I are in Maine visiting family this weekend. They have a Christening tomorrow and a college grad on Sunday. They were gracious enough to show us a few of the sights today. We went through York and Kittery today, with a stop at the Nubble Lighthouse. The above shot is us on the rocks next to the lighthouse. It is nice to get away for a little bit, be able to relax away from the city. We flew into Manchester very very late Thursday night/ very early Friday morning. I had not been on a plane since I came back over the pond from England about 15 years ago! It was fun, but I was a little anxious, too. once we got into the air, I was fine. We will be back home Tuesday, with both of us returning to work that afternoon.
So, until we meet again, Adios, Arevoir, Auf Wiedersehen. Good Night!!