Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cooped up & Recuperating

Sorry so long since I have written, life has been a whirlwind swirling around me!!! To ease a few minds, and reassure others, we will start with my most recent bout of adventure.

As many of those close to me already know, Feb. 16 marked quite a day for me. I can no longer say I have never broken a bone.....I went horseback riding with my mom and a family friend that day. Mom headed back early, as Barney had his hooves trimmed, and was tender footed. Jess on Dude, and me on Lenny stayed out a little longer. We did not run much, and decided to try a little canter on the home stretch. Mistake #1. Lenny took his head, and refused to listen to me. Jess stopped Dude, but Lenny still would not listen. He knew the barn was coming up around the bend. Mistake #2. Despite my yelling, and persistent pulling on the reins, he continued on. By this point, I had lost my footing, and my feet were no longer in the stirrups. I was holding on by just the reins and saddle horn. When Lenny took the final turn to the barn, my ride was over. I have heard his take on the turn compared to a rider sliding into home. The last thing I remember, was flying into the air.

Mom says when she got to me, I had stood up and was leaning against the fence. Blood was coming from my head, I was nauseous, and my head hurt. I have flickers of rescue, an ambulance, then a hospital. I have numerous abrasions and bruises, aches and pains. The blood was from a cut in my scalp, closed later with 3 staples.

X-ray and CT scans showed a fracture in the occipital bone. I have officially broken my first bone!!! I spent 24 hrs in the Neuro ICU, then 24 hrs in the regular hospital before being discharged Feb. 18 to my mom's house.

I am doing much better. The first few days were baby steps, but the past few have been by leaps and bounds. I have stayed with mom, to ensure 24 hour assistance. Justin visits when he gets off work, and I will be back home Wednesday. I still get headaches, and too much light or sound still stings. I am getting around on my own, and eating better too. I will be back at work Thursday, and have an appointment to check the staples and how I am doing that same day. I have been getting out a little the past couple of days, and it has helped me as well. I am beginning to feel human again!!! My joke has been that this is the first time in 12 years I have ever been thrown/fallen off a horse. Of course, I never do anything on a small scale! Go Big or Go Home!!!

Many thanks and much heartfelt love to everyone out there who helped me and my family through this time. Sorry to anyone I worried!!! I assure you I should be back to me in a short time!!!

Other than that, it has been mostly work, family, and spring cleaning!!! The holidays have come and gone, as well as a few birthdays. Hello, and see you later!! I'll try not to wait too long to write again!!!